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Founder-Led Transactions

We have an exceptional track record of working with founders and their management team to prepare diligently for all scenarios well in advance of a potential transaction

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Founder-led transactions include:

  • Preparation of a professional fundraising round including compelling investor story, pitch deck, business KPIs, cashflow model and targeted investor outreach program
  • Expert advice during the fundraising round including financial due diligence and termsheet negotiations
  • On-going hands-on support with investor and external board relations
  • Expert assessment of strategic transactions such as acquisition offers, acquisition opportunities, joint ventures and large project investments
  • Interim leadership team members sourced from our extensive network of senior executives
Private Capital

We have a consistent record of successfully sourcing companies with a range of growth capital options including venture capital, venture debt and working capital facilities

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Private capital engagements include:

  • Matching of the growth stage and vertical focus of the company with the right type of investor
  • Ensuring multiple financing options in order to create competitive tension
  • Expert analysis and benchmarking of the proposed investment and valuation deal terms
  • Warm introductions to our extensive international network of private capital providers
Portfolio Exits

We are trusted expert advisors to business angels and venture capital funds on company exits, elevating perceived value with qualified buyers and creating competitive tension

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Portfolio exit engagements include:

  • Develop an exit strategy and compelling investor story for early stage and pre-profit companies
  • Diligently and sensitively prepare founders and management for an exit and get the best out of them throughout the process
  • Assess and benchmark standalone and proforma combined synergy valuations in order to maximise the outcome for the sellers
  • Lead or support the sellers throughout the entire sales and purchase agreement negotiation process
  • Warm introductions to our large and international network of strategic buyers
Strategic Projects

We provide expert analysis on a wide range of strategic projects supporting domestic and foreign investors, assessing business development and acquisition opportunities in Europe

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Strategic projects include:

  • Startup, scaleup growth, sell and buyside, synergies and JV business plan reviews and enhancements
  • Indepth expert analysis of product-market combinations, opportunity sizing and target customer profiles
  • Buy-side acquisition target identification, matching and confidential outreach programs

Industry Country Services Link
eCommerce SaaS Poland Founder-Led Transactions, Private Capital Crunchbase
Enterprise SaaS Netherlands Founder-Led Transactions, Private Capital Crunchbase
AdTech SaaS Croatia Founder-Led Transactions, Private Capital Crunchbase
IoT Consultancy Poland Portfolio Exits Not Disclosed
Green Edge Datacenter Norway Founder-Led Transactions, Strategic Projects Home Page
Franchise SaaS Russia Private Capital Not Disclosed
Data Analytics Poland Portfolio Exits Not Disclosed
Climate Tech SaaS Netherlands Strategic Projects Home Page
LegTech SaaS Poland Founder-Led Transactions, Private Capital Crunchbase
Cloud Video SaaS Norway Founder-Led Transactions, Portfolio Exits Not Disclosed
Software House Poland Founder-Led Transactions Home Page
Sustainable Energy Investor Israel Strategic Projects Not Disclosed
Retail IoT Norway Founder-Led Transactions Not Disclosed
Edtech SaaS Latvia Strategic Projects Home Page